Tournament Etiquette

All judges are volunteers whose number one goal is to provide a fair, safe and enjoyable experience for all competitors.  However if any problems or concerns arise, please adhere to the following etiquette guidelines:

  •  Always maintain a black belt attitude.
  • Never argue with the judges.
  • Maintain a sportsmanlike conduct win or lose.
  • Always greet senior ranks with a respectful bow.
  • Must stay until the end of your ring’s competition.
  • Never approach judges regarding your score.
  • If you have a question about your ring that you need clarified, please see the RTTL (Regional Tournament Team Leader).  They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  •  Applause is encouraged, however do NOT coach from the sidelines (in any language).
  • Never argue with the judges. If there are any issues, please respectfully address the RTTL.
  • Never interrupt a ring that has begun competition.
  • Make sure to stay in the designated areas for spectators, not on the competition floor.
  • Regardless of results, as a parent, always be encouraging in your son’s/daughter’s martial arts training.