Why Should I Go To Tournaments?

You have heard your instructors urging you to go to tournaments.  Why?  Here are some reasons and benefits to competing in martial arts tournaments:

  • Competition — At tournaments you get to see how you fare against other ATA members.  You put your training to the test.  This may confirm that you are training at or above the level of others in your division.  Or, it might open your eyes to opportunities to improve your training.
  • Friends — By going to tournaments you get to meet new people and make new friends!  These are people you will most likely compete against at future tournaments.  You may also have the opportunity to meet seniors (Masters, Senior Masters and even Chief Masters) from our region and around the country.
  • Traveling — There are tournaments in our region, and nearby regions as well as National and World tournaments!  Fall Nationals is held each year at Disney World, Spring Nationals is held in Las Vegas, and World Championships are held in Little Rock, Arkansas, ATA’s world headquarters.  Each tournament has an open competition for persons of your age and rank!
  • State and World Champ — if you are a Leadership (or Legacy) student you have the opportunity to earn the title of State Champion.  For every tournament you compete in and place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you earn points.  If you have the most points in your division in your state, you are the Champ!  Black Belts can take it a step further and compete for World Champion. If you are in the Top 10 in your division in the world standings then you can compete for World Champ!  (Go to the Tournament page of our web site for links to the current State and World point standings.)
  • School Support — By going to tournaments you get to represent and support your school.  Your attendance helps your school earn the right to host future tournaments in our region!
  • The most important reason of all:  FUN!  Tournaments are exciting and fast-paced.  They are a reward for all the hard work we put into classes.  You can cheer on your classmates and make new friends.  Give it a try!